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The Final Stage

motionandmusic.co.uk May 28, 2010

Finally got around to making a minisite for Capriccio. Check it out here.

Below is a showreel showing the possibilities of Capriccio. It was made by connecting Capriccio with Reason to produce some pretty impressive results.



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It’s been a while since my ast post I know, I have been busy adding finishing touches ready for hand in. SO here it is the final UI, nice and simple.


Two Cams May 20, 2010

Got it working with two cameras now for a collaborative effort. One can be set to the Microsoft synthesizer and the other to the windows wavetable to allow two different sounds. Mac users I think can use the built-in DL or DLS synth built into Macs. This really opens up a new dimension to the project. It is however slighty heavy on RAM using around 2.5GB.

Check out he vid below, sorry if it looks like I am playing with myself but that is where the kick drum is!


Mild Panic May 19, 2010

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Still not sure how to market this thing. It is capable of so many things. I get the impression that Mike needs me to focus on one thing, but which? I’m worried that I will focus on the wrong thing and miss out on demonstrating its full capabilities. Could I market it as all the things it is capable of? People, traffic, installation?

To make things worse I have now added something else! It can now take two camera feeds and via Ableton Live play two instruments independently, uses around 3GB of RAM though. Damn. That would make a really good installation. Maybe I could see if this is possible just using the built-in Synths that come pre-installed with all Windows and Mac machines.

To be continued.


New Site New Sounds May 11, 2010

I’m still experimenting where to point the webcam and what sounds to use. This time I set up the webcam on the 2nd Floor of the Roland Levinsky building on the University of Plymouth Campus. This is another excellent site with human traffic coming and going. I had a meeting with Mike today, it seems that my app is capable of everything he says it should do, not only is it capable of creating ‘sensical’ music it is capable of creating ‘non-sensical’ music also. I’m not sure at what he was really getting at in terms of concept. I thought the concept of music through movement was although fairly broad, still good enough. The question of where to point the camera and which sounds to use is down to the individual user and I worry that if I fine tune this concept too much it could potentially alienate further possibilities.

At the moment I have something that could be used in a range of situations, something that gives the user freedom to choose what to do with it and how to use it, it doesn’t feel natural to say ‘here I;ve made this, you must use it this way and you must point it at this and use this sound’ I think that saying ‘I’ve made this, it’s versatile, use it how you see fit, use it to fulfil your own purpose whatever that may be, use it in a live performance, use it to generate music to drown out the noise of traffic outside, use it to interact with others’

Hopefully I will get some direction when I meet Alexis Kirke from the School of Computing and Mathematics.

So first up heaven like sounds, this could actually be piped through the speakers allowing live generation background music. I think this type of sound is really relaxing.

This one didn’t turn out so well, ethic sounds. Just doesn’t sound too good.

This one is quite unique, sounds like a stereotypical trance dance stylee. Real nice key changes from 0:48 onwards. This type of sound demonstrates how it could be used at a live dance event allowing the clubbers/crowd to create their own music whilst dancing, imagine that. A club night with no DJ’s!

Some god like noise here, not sure why YouTube has changed the size of the video, they are all the same. I think it may because I uploaded them whilst YouTube was undergoing some site maintenance.

This is real elevator music, bass and vibes. This could be used to replace the twinkly stuff they play in shopping malls. Generated by the amount of customers browsing the shops. The direction they move and the speed at which they do so would make for a continually evolving unique piece every second of the day.

Next up some Ibiza style chilled house, in this context the webcam could be pointed out to see at somewhere like trendy ‘Cafe Mambo’ allowing the rich yachts and movement of the sea to generate some laid back tunes, cheaper than paying Brandon Block!

Finally another neat trick. Here a set of loops are automatically playing but at the end of each bar depending on the amount of movement it chops and slices the samples to keep a unique flow each time. Pretty cool. This application could potentially load in any sound loop the user desired.

So there you go. Another handful of tests. Next I need to try my app in more locations. This would help me find out where it would best be used. I would also like to see if I can find someone from the performing arts to make up a little contemporary dance in front of the webcam to see what kind of sounds they produce with their fluid movement.


Same Site, New Sounds May 7, 2010

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Remembered a neat little trick I learned during my Sound Practice module. MidiYoke an app that allows routing of midi signals from Max to another program such as Reason or Ableton Live/. I think the MAC equivalent is called Soundflower. So now instead of having to put up with the mediocrity of the built-in synth I can now use a range of sounds and effects.

Below is some atmosphere.

Below is a nice dreamy sound.

Below is a nice Jazz sound, if there was more control over chord change then this sound could be used for an actual live performance.

Below is a dramatic harp sound and my personal favourite. Listen to it all the way through!

Below is a percussive use. This sound works better when used by a person close up, video of that to come next week.

Finally, traffic generating it’s own dramatic cinematic soundtrack.


Oh Dear May 6, 2010

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Completed another test. Hmmm. Either I have chosen the wrong chords or I need to tweak the parameters that change to certain chords. In all honesty it sounds like a two-year old walking up and down a piano. In this state it is unpredictable and pretty much unusable. First vid is it in action. Second vid is screen grab of the engine working. I did this so I could also see what range of values are being returned as they are very different when pointed at traffic than when I am sat in front of the webcam waving. Next up. Find a better chord run, find a better way of controlling how and which chords to change to.


Spiderman Eat Your Heart Out….Seriously, Actually Eat It May 5, 2010

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Just finished rigging all the chords, took a quick screen grab to show the complexity. The top three chords have had their connections tidied, the rest have not, just to show what a boring monotonous job it was.

Still mustn’t grumble, that’s the back of it broken, I took another screen grab after tidying the connections below. For some strange reason a PC does not seem to be able to find a clear patch through the objects and annoyingly puts the cables over objects, where a MAC somehow manages to tidy the connections by going around the objects. How queer.

Next step..testing. One problem, girlfriend forgot to tell me she drained my laptop battery last night surfing the tinterweb so I know have to wait for it to charge before I can go on the road <–insert chauvinistic statement here–>Women, can’t live with them, can’t kill them!


New Chords New Sounds May 4, 2010

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New Chords

Finally managed to translate my Sudoku chords into MaxMSP. Quite a laborious job but definitely worth it. Had a problem with the trigger arguments. It seems that simply having >10 >20 does not work as if the integers are greater than 20 then it also triggers every chord below that (>5, >10) so basically the chord stayed the same (C7 as it takes the least amount of  movement to trigger).

To get around this I have been looking into alternative mathematical arguments and it seems at the moment that the == (is equal to) operator works ok. I now need to attach the rest of the chords and decide what values to set as triggers for them. I’m thinking that I should stick to the standard musical format of C E F G A B with minimum movement triggering C and maximum movement triggering B.

A problem I have already noticed is that when a value reaches say 20 then it triggers all the chords below as it goes back down to zero, this could be a major headache but I know with Max that anything is possible you just have to figure out how to do it.

So basically it’s all down to the ‘coll’ object, an object that holds lists of numbers. If the webcam detects movement that equal the criteria of a given chord then it bangs the numbers populating every coll object. When a different criteria is met it overwrites the data in the coll objects with a new set of numbers relevant to that chord. Magic.


Chord Sudoku April 28, 2010

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Finally got around to working out the MIDI equivalent for the rest of the chords in the ‘7th’ group. It was a little like playing Sudoku, first had to draw out a grid, then fill it with numbers!

You’ll notice the last note in chord B7 is circled this is because it is out of the possible midi range so will be null until I find a way around it.

The picture above is actually the first grid I attempted, you can see the grid on the left was not relevent to the webcam matrix it controlled so had to double them up (2 octaves per row) The sounds numbers is the program number for the built in Microsoft Synth. Ones a harp and the other a staccato violin noise, perfect for creating an atmosphere. The random words dotted around are Max objects that I am studying the reference material to, to try and figure out the best possible way to set up motion related chord changes. This has proven a bigger headache than expected. After a lot of head scratching and reading I think I may have a decent idea on how to do it. So heads up for next post…..motion affected chord changes, Hmmmm.